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"The purpose of human life is to find God. That is the only reason for our existence. Job, friends, material intereststhese things in themselves mean nothing. They can never provide you with true happiness, for the simple reason that none of them, in itself, is complete. Only God encompasses everything.
"That is why Jesus said, 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.' (Matthew 6:33) Seek ye first the Giver of all gifts, and you shall receive from Him all His gifts of lesser fulfillment."
from Essence of Self-Realization by Paramhansa Yogananda

About Ananda East

Retreat teachers offer outreach programs and ministerial support to devotees and Ananda meditation groups/centers throughout the northeast.
Call your local group for locations and a schedule.


Alexandria, VA: Heather Corey or Nancy Phillips
Annandale, NJ: Susan Wilk
New! Concord, NH Marcia Sprague

Westport, CT Theodore and Julia

Kensington, MD: Colleen Corwell
Leesburg, VA: Susan Kumpf

Southern York,: ME: Kristy Hecht
Sue Belyea
Manhattan NY: Phil Romano
Princeton, NJ: Robert Stagon

North Shore, MA: Kaye Gordon or Tracy Anderson

Hopkinton, RI: Ananda Retreat Center



The NYC Ananda meditation group Contact person: Phil Romano

Nutresin The Ananda meditation group of NYC is now 1 year old!
The group meets on a weekly basis, Saturday mornings 9-10:30am.
The location is NY Spaces (520 8th ave, 36th & 37th st on 16th floor).
Beginning in Febuary we will be holding another "Learn to Meditate" series on four consecutive Sundays (Feb 15th-March 7th). The first class on Feb 15th is free.
Also, we are being invited back to the Birkram Yoga Studio in Union Sqaure for a second Kirtan (devotional chanting). We don't have a date yet, but the owner has expressed that he would like to do these Kirtans on a regular basis.

North Shore, MA: Kaye Gordon has been co-leading the Ananda meditation group north of Boston since its beginning in about 1988. Finding this path, she says, helped me feel a deeper connection with the Catholic Church. The path of Kriya enhances any religion it is truly a church of all religions. I take special comfort when Im feeling out of sorts, and I think of Masters words: He is the nearest of the near, the dearest of the dear. He is closer than your own breath. And from the poem I Come to Tell You All of Him: Unknown, I will walk by your side and guard you with invisible arms.
The Ananda Retreat Center Rhode Island Our staff has been studying and practicing Yoganandas teachings for 15 to 30 years. We have lived in various West Coast Ananda communities where our real training has been in learning co-operative living skills and in applying the universal principles we teach in dynamic daily living. Our desire is to share with others this path of Self-Realization and the life-changing teachings and techniques that Yogananda brought including meditation.

Joy to You!

Ananda East

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