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"I met Paramhansa Yogananda fifty-six years ago. Since then I have remained his devoted disciple. And I become more certain every day that what he brought to the world was something of which the whole human race stands in desperate need." -------words from Swami Kriyananda's foreword to the Indian edition of Autobiography of a Yogi
Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda
Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) is a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda. Ananda is recognized as the most successful intentional community in the world. Today, over 800 people reside in six Ananda communities throughout the U.S. (Seattle, Palo Alto, Portland, Sacramento and Dallas) and in Europe. The European retreat and community located in Assisi, Italy, also serves Ananda meditation groups in Europe, Croatia, and Russia.

Both the Nevada City and Assisi communities have world-renowned guest retreat facilities where thousands of visitors annually visit for renewal or instruction in many aspects of meditation, yoga, and the spiritual life. Kriyananda has also established "Living Wisdom" schools for grades K-8 in Nevada City, Sacramento, Portland, and Palo Alto.

Swami Kriyananda spent 3 1/2 years living closely with his Guru, Yogananda, the great Indian master and author of Autobiography of a Yogi . He went on to become vice-president of Self-Realization Fellowship, the organization Yogananda founded. After leaving SRF, he founded Ananda in 1968.

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Kriyananda's books and music have sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 24 languages. He is the author of 80 books on a variety of topics including leadership, education, creativity, and moral values. His best-selling titles include Meditation for Starters, The Path - A Spiritual Autobiography, Money Magnetism, The Essence of Self-Realization, Affirmations for Self-Healing, Education for Life, and his best-selling Secrets gift books.

A composer since 1964, Kriyananda has written over 300 musical works. His music is soothing, uplifting, and inspiring. Many of his new albums are instrumental works that contain brief affirmations or visualizations. Chuck Dilberto, of Awareness Magazine says, "Kriyananda's words and music are full of his life and light. His sole intention is to heal, something we could all use during these chaotic times."

His recent albums include Secrets of Life, Mantra, Life is a Quest for Joy, and I, Omar. As a composer, Walters is best known for the top-selling albums Mystic Harp and Mystic Harp 2, featuring the legendary harpist Derek Bell, of the 5-time Grammy Award-winning group The Chieftains.

Swami Kriyananda Moves to India
Many of you that have email have received some of the inspiring news of Swamis adventures in New Delhi. For those who dont know, here is a brief summary:
startdetox5600.comA few weeks ago some people from India approached Swami about what they perceived as the sorry state of Masters work in India. They asked him to help. He had just finished work on his latest book, Conversations with Yogananda, and had been praying for guidance as to what Yogananda wanted of him next. Swami had often spoken of the need for Ananda someday to take Masters message back to India, and to continue the work he himself had been doing there before he was summoned back to America and subsequently thrown out of Self-Realization fellowship back in 1962.
So Swami felt that the time was right. He called Jyotish and Devi Novak, Durga and Vidura Smallen, Dharmadas and Nirmala Schuppe, and David and Asha Praver from America to come to Italy for discussions, and quite soon the decision was made for Swami and a few others to move to from Assisi to New Delhi!! A number of helpful Indians came forward to help, and soon the advance team found a large house to rent in the town of Gurgaon, a suburb some 45minutes from New Delhi. Although Indias bureaucracy is cumbersome, rapid progress was made in arranging financing, setting up bank accounts, internet access, furnishing the house, setting up a publishing business, and getting some TV shows and a lecture tour for Swami set up.
Swami felt the guidance to make Dharmadas a Kriya minister, and already there have been several public events, including a Kriya initiation. The Novaks, Smallens, and Pravers have returned to America. Swami is living on the third floor of the house. The Schuppes are living there also, along with Lila Hoogendyk and Alan Heubert, whose spiritual name is now Lakshman, who were both here last July with Swami. Everyone remarks how quickly everything has fallen into place, and how it seems that Masters grace is helping bring into being this next phase of Swamis work. Rhode Island is no longer the newest Ananda community!!

News about Swami Kriyananda in India:

In the last two weeks Swami gave a talk for a standing room only crowd of 700 in New Delhi and has begun taping the half-hour TV shows that will be shown daily for a month on Indias Sadhana Channel (imagine having that here!). Although he had a case of strep throat for a few days, he is much better now.
As Jyotish and Devi report: We had a wonderful phone call from Swamiji this morning. He sounded
as enthusiastic and exhilarated as we've ever heard him. In the past two days, he's filmed 25 talks for the month-long TV program on the Sadhna Channel (yes, they spell it that way). His voice rang with vibrancy as he
told us, "We're getting Master's name out to millions! This is what I dreamed of doing forty years ago, and now it's happening!"
Swamis events in India are posted on the newest Ananda website, Included here is an inspiring article by Swami of the story of his earlier efforts in India in the sixties, called A Life Dream Fulfilled.
Because of the success and new opportunities of this Indian work, it now seems that Swami will probably not be coming to America this summer. He sends his regrets, and we are of course a little disappointed, but we certainly understand his desire to focus on the work there. We echo the refrain of Red Sox fans everywhere: Wait til next year! (Sadhana: maybe put this paragraph in a box?

What Others Say About Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

"J. Donald Walters is the kindest man I've ever met. Walters is a born, great teacher. His books are gentle masterpieces."
Louise Hay, best selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

"J. Donald Walters has been one of the most important Western exponents of yoga in the past 30 years."
Dr. David Frawley, renowned authority on yoga and author of Ayurveda and the Mind and Gods, Sages, and Kings

"J. Donald Walters is wise teacher whose words convey love and compassion. Read and listen, and allow your life to change."
Larry Dossey, best selling author of Healing Words

"I feel I can recommend this man of love and his sparkling teachings without reservation."
David Alan Ramsdale, Meditation Magazine

"J. Donald Walters is perhaps the most respected non-Indian exponent of yoga in the world."
Justine & Michael Toms, New Dimensions Foundation

"Your openness, your undeviating devotion to life and service, and your joyous good humor express themselves in your bookit came to an end too soon!"
Ken Keyes, Jr. best selling author of Handbook to Higher Consciousness

"J. Donald Walters has an ability to uncover countless unusual aspects of a subject, and to reveal them in an unexpected and original light. When he turns the spotlight of his concentration on any given subject, he leaves no aspect of it uncovered. What we have in J. Donald Walters, then, is an unusual and powerfully magnetic mind, and also one whose judgment is always fair. He is truly one of the great men of our time."
Derek Bell, 5-time Grammy Award-winning harpist of The Chieftains

View RealPlayer videos of Kriyananda, including a talk on Yogananda's mission, read Articles by Kriyananda at Clarity Online Magazine, read Complete Online Books by Kriyananda, including The Path, his autobiography and to order books or music online, and much more.

Swami Kriyananda speaking at the Rhode Island Center
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