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First Timers Weekends. These programs work wonderfully for everyone, whether a new or experienced guest, but first time visitors receive a 30% discount. Youll be amazed how much you can experience in one short weekend. Youll have instruction in meditation and guided yoga postures and experience a vibrant, spiritual way of life. Youll explore some of the spiritual principles behind Anandas successprinciples that can help you improve your own quality of life. Youll have an opportunity to explore our trails and pond, get to know longtime Ananda members, and enjoy uplifting music and stories of Ananda.

Meditation Workshops:
Our instructors are experienced meditators and teachers who can guide you from their own study and personal experience. 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Offered once a Month
. cost: $35



Joy of Creativity with special guests Bob Yehling and Iana Lahi
A Yoga and the Arts Weekend Retreat

October 15-17

How do creative people receive constant inspiration and flow for their writings, pieces of music and works of art? Are they simply "blessed," or is it more than that? This weekend workshop will help us connect to the source of creativity and ever-new joy by using techniques of writing, drawing, energization, creative affirmations, meditation, yoga, and movement exercises, all in the abundant natural setting of Ananda Rhode Island. The weekend is inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda and Joseph Bharat Cornel and is especially designed for writers, musicians, artists and anyone seeking to awaken their deepest creativity.
Bob Yehling has been an Ananda Kriyaban since 1992. He is the author of four books, with three more on the way. He teaches the "Writes of Life" series of workshops, sponsored by The Writer magazine, throughout the United States and Europe. Former professional dancer Iana Lahi is a teacher of yoga, movement and the relationship between creativity and Spirit. She is the author of "Spirit Gateways".
Special rates apply for this weekend. Call for details.
Full Retreat$249 Day Retreatants$149 (ask about discount possibilities)

KriyaYoga Weekend
This weekend is for those who want to learn what Kriya Yoga is and the steps necessary for initiation. Youll learn methods for working with subtle, inner energies and with the chakras, and youll learn to awaken devotion. You will take home techniques to transform your life and those preparing for the fall initiation can learn the Kriya Preparation techniques.
Higher kriya Initiation Weekend

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Special Guests : Wayne and Elizabeth Palmer
Right Attitude: Keys to Success weave joy into your life
July 30-August 1
Your thoughts and feelings are as important as your actions, determining the quality of your life. We want our lives to reflect our highest potential, yet often we react to challenges and change with fear or other negative emotions. In this class you will learn to develop the attitudes and personal magnetism you need to draw to yourself whatever is needed.
Explore how to:
--Develop harmonious relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

--Develop the intuition you need to make good choices and decisions.
--See your circumstances as an opportunity for growth and self-acceptance.
--Enjoy nature games and a "Guru Day" celebration on Saturday with altars to each of the masters of this path.
Wayne and Elizabeth served as staff members at Ananda Rhode Island in 2001-2002 and are now ministers at Ananda Sacramento, CA

Spiritual Renewal Week 2004:
Are you ready to pull away from the demands and concerns of your daily life and immerse yourself for four days in the vibrations of joy, relaxation, inspiration, and spiritual friendship? Spiritual Renewal Week has been anAnanda tradition for 35 years at Ananda Village in California, and now thisyear we'll be sharing our third annual event with you in Rhode Island. It'salways, as the name implies, a time of deep inner renewal in which to "recharge your inner battery" with upliftment and peace of mind.
Our theme this year will be "The Way of Ananda." We'll have morning classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the topics of "The True Nature of Reality", "The Way of Dharma-Right Action-In the World," and "The Universal Pathway to God." Evenings will be a rousing kirtan, Indian banquet and concert, and a Kriya Yoga Initiation. Afternoons will include an informal question and answer tea with Jyotish and Devi. There will be an alternate program for those not taking Kriya initiation. The event will conclude with Sunday Service led by Jyotish, Devi, and your Rhode Island ministry team. We hope that you can join us.

October 22 The Cosmic Connection: Understanding the cycles of time Byasa Steinmetz has devoted several years to collecting information related to Sri Yukteswars Yuga Cycle concept and is compiling his findings into a forthcoming book. He shares the fruits of his studies in this seminar/lecture series/workshop, bringing to the topic his experience as a scientist and engineer and his study of the teachings of Yogananda. He lives in the Ananda Sacramento community where he serves as a minister and works on his book.
Byasa has added much new material to his presentation since he last was here, reflecting his current research areas.
Summary of the talk:
The dawn of a new era: Tumultuous currents of change surround us where will it lead? The Yuga Cycle teaching brings understanding to the present and points to a hopeful future.
Confirmation in history: The lessons of known history give credence to this radical evolutionary view.
Sources and details: We explore the roots of this long-forgotten world-view, and the subtleties of its workings.
The cosmic connection: Sri Yukteswars enigmatic explanation of the causes of the Yugas suggests a relation between human consciousness and the cosmos. Tantalizing clues from modern research hint at this also.

The Art and Science of Kriya Yogalinks you to kriya programs and workshops

On-going Events:

Sunday Worship Service

Daily Meditations and Healing Prayers
Call for times. No charge.
We welcome you to join us for morning and evening chanting and meditation. If you live nearby, come any day. Call first to confirm times. Our Wednesday evening meditation service (5:306:45pm) includes special healing prayers for those on our healing prayer list.

Yoga Postures
Classes offered during the week at the Ananda Retreat and in Westerly, RI. Call for times and cost.

Personal Retreat

startdetox5600.comRelax and Recharge is an opportunity to enjoy the spiritually uplifting atmosphere of the Ananda Retreat Center and to partake of as many of the following offerings as you wish. You can arrive almost any time and stay as long as you like. One of our staff is available to help you design your stay. Twice daily periods of Energization Exercises and meditation are available. Optional guidance or instruction in meditation or yoga postures; nature trails, Hope Pond, and outdoor shrines; time for journal writing, quiet reflection, study or meditation are some of the many possibilities.

Joy to You!

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