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Ananda Retreat is truly a Woodland Haven, with 40 beautiful acres of woods, trails, meadow, pond...

"... natural beauty can be found in many places; to find a place where one can feel the presence of God and a God-realized Master such as Yogananda is much less common."

We welcome you to come year round and participate in our weekend retreats or workshops. We also offer personal retreats when you can take time to devote to your spiritual well-being.
Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal! We also offer a great selection of products at our boutique.(above)
Living room in guest house (Lahiri House above)

Many people like to come on weekends, when we offer a Saturday class and a Sunday Service, with periods of yoga and meditation.
Inside the (yurt) temple
"...we could feel a deep peace of Yogananda presence here, especially in the temple."























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