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Testimonials about Ananda's Retreat:

My family and I have visited the Ananda Retreat many times and have always found [the staff], and every Ananda visitor to be some of the kindest, generous, and most peaceful people that I have ever met. Bethany, RI

I have participated in several workshops and I have gained many benefits, including an increased capacity for relaxation and a deep sense of well being thanks to the yoga techniques I have learned there. Clara RI

I have been to the retreat center several times and each time has renewed my inner strength and fortitude to face the rigors of daily life. I especially enjoy the atmosphere of friendliness and joy that is so evident there. Liz NH

My experience with Ananda has given me very consistent interactions with individuals who are of the highest integrity, have respect for all neighbors, expand the peace in the area, and help [me to experience] wholesome, healthy, and positive life. Robert, NY

Ananda East ministers have helped me personally achieve a level of communion with God and a level of love and peace toward others, greater than I have ever had in my life. I have introduced other friends in my community to Ananda and they have had the same experience. Henry, RI

[My experience with Ananda] has positively changed my relationship with my family, friends, and co-workers. It has brought me closer to my own Hindu culture and given me a greater appreciation for the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and other great spiritual lights. Raja, NJ

There are not many places in this area where there are people dedicated to living a simple lifestyle devoted to yoga, meditation, and personal and spiritual growth. Ananda East provides an oasis for our spirits. It is a center where people can come and be in community with like-minded people. Leon, RI

The center offers programs that support peoples desire to lead lives of greater peace and fulfillment I have always been impressed with the character, respect, and sincerity of everyone I have met at Ananda, guests and staff alike. The ideals of simple living and practical wisdom that Ananda teaches have great value to anyone, regardless of spiritual background. The center promotes harmony among people while acknowledging the need for every individual to think and act freely. I would consider any community fortunate to have such a place in its midst. Theodore, CT

I have been attending yoga, meditation, and prayer courses at Ananda; it has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me, very energizing, spiritual, and uplifting. the quality that these caring teachers offer is second to none. Sussan, NH

[The Ananda staff] are true to their creed, which is to uplift the lives of those around them. My relationship with them has not only touched and inspired me, but has also changed my life in a very real and positive way.Bill, NJ

I have attended many retreats since Ananda came to Rhode Island. I have found the people to be of the highest caliber and the programs they offer to be very stress-reducing, uplifting, and inspirational, and to enhance whatever spiritual or religious affiliation one may have, which are so needed in todays world.

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It is extremely important for my spiritual development to have this valuable resource available. . . As a yoga teacher and retired chiropractor I can attest to the importance of their contribution to a spiritual path many people are seeking. Mel, PA

The yoga and meditation taught at the center have been extremely beneficial in my life. Each time, I leave refreshed and renewed. Susan, ME

. . . What is most appealing is the way the core teachings of Christianity and Hinduism are beautifully integrated to appeal to everyone. Even an atheist cannot help but appreciate the beauty of these teachings. By following these meditation techniques I slowly learned to control my stress. I am now much happier thanks to Ananda. Srinivas, NJ

In my experience the atmosphere at Ananda is warm and welcoming; the staff members simply wish to share their knowledge and insights with those who are interested. Michael, RI

I have had the privilege of attending a number of [programs]. . . What impressed me the most is the spirit of joy they all exude, and one leaves there feeling uplifted by it. Denise, RI

I have benefited immensely from visiting the retreat and have . . . received some very valuable spiritual help. Gail, NY

Ananda supports the best in people, through their words, thoughts, and actions. All you have to do is look into the gentleness of their eyes. . . Their silent and calming meditations and yoga bring peace and harmony to the community and to all who visit. Kathleen, PA

I have always found my visits [to Ananda] to be mentally and spiritually refreshing and recharging. I have become a happier and more complete individual, and life has become a blessing. Most importantly I have been able to survive and successfully cope with the rigors of the residency training, and thanks to the yoga at Ananda I am well on my way to becoming a loving, caring, and empathic Pediatrician. Pushpendra NY

Joy to You!

Ananda East

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